Newmarket Clock Tower... one of the most important and recognized buildings in Newmarket.

On Friday May the 4th we announced a settlement in the long running Clock Tower development application.

The outcome of this settlement will result in the Clock Tower and the store fronts redeveloped to full use with NO new construction. The Heritage of the store fronts will be preserved and restored and the Clock Tower will remain protected and stand as one of the most important and recognized building in Newmarket.

Some Ward 6 residents wrote to me both pleased to hear the main street area will be restored and saddened that having an opportunity to live on Main Street was no longer a possibility.  Most remain confident seeing other areas of Newmarket showing promise for apartments and condominiums.  It has also been said it is nice to see a decision without further cost in court and negative impact on our town and its heritage.

Regional Councillor Deputy Mayor John Taylor stated “ In order to achieve this very positive outcome the town has agreed to waive some fees, provide CIP funding , and to allow a possible shortfall of up to 31 parking spots from the required number.”  

While we wait for this to all come together over the next two years we can work on options to increase parking in the downtown area, along with continuing to work on providing new housing options in other areas in town.

I am proud of our residents, store owners, and community groups who remained engaged in protecting the Clock Tower and feel confident that this is an outcome that is fair and best for Newmarket.  Our work continues as we step forward and work with the Forest Group to complete the store fronts and clock tower for our community to enjoy.

By working together, sharing information, ideas and being engaged in our community, we can achieve results for Ward 6 and our town together.



Thank you to our community groups

Minutes of settlement

Town of Newmarket Media Release