“Mulock Farm has been a very special place to our family for six generations, and it will forever remain close to our hearts. Moving forward, we hope that the public, and particularly the residents of Newmarket, receive as much happiness and enjoyment from this property as we have,” said Jenifer, Lindsay, and William Mulock.

"Each generation of the Mulock family has taken great pride to maintain this beautiful and historical home and property as it is today. Every day is a gift and I have been so very privileged to have received so many gifts at Mulock Farms. Thank-you to Sir William Mulock and the many people that worked so hard to keep us there for nearly 140 years. Enjoy, respect and protect our meeting place and home as a tribute to Sir William Mulock. May its beauty and the love that comes from that beauty last forever," said Debbie Mulock Barbour


Town of Newmarket has agreed to the purchase of the 11.6 acres of land at the north-west corner of Mulock Drive and Yonge Street, known to the community as the Mulock Farm Estate. The vision is to create an iconic community park and outdoor green space which includes land to accommodate a skating rink, walking trails and a one-kilometre skating trail throughout the site. Some great examples found in other communities are Gage Park in Brampton and Arrowhead Ice Trail in Huntsville.

Photo courtsey of the City of Brampton

Photo courtsey of the City of Brampton

About Sir William Mulock

courtesy of Sir William Mulock Secondary School and Friends of the Elman W. Campbell Museum.


All his life Sir William Mulock was a strong supporter of the British Commonwealth of Nations, believing it to be the most beneficent society the world had ever known. One of his first proposals as postmaster general was the introduction of a 2 cent postage rate between Canada and all the countries of the Empire. He believed that the increased volume of mail would not only wipe out his department's losses, it would also provide a bond of union between Canada and the rest of the Empire. In 1898 an imperial conference in London adopted his proposal for "penny postage" and within a few years his department's $1 million annual losses had become $1 million profit.  Learn more...


This announcement may come as a surprise to many, consideration to the Mulock Family was top of mind and we respected their wishes. With this in mind, we need to understand that public access to the property is not immediately available.

Residents will have the opportunity to see elements of the vision and provide input at an upcoming Community Open house on February 27 from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. 



The Mulock Farm Estates extraordinary beauty and history brings so many possibilities, we encourage you to attend the upcoming Community Open house. If you are not able to attend, please feel free to e-mail your questions to,  a member of our council, or me directly. 

Potential future rendering look towards the future or see today  via google earth

Potential future rendering look towards the future or see today via google earth

The property across the street (southwest corner of Yonge/Mulock) is designated Mixed Use in the Secondary Plan, with permitted heights across the property ranging from 3-17 storeys (20 with bonusing).  We do not have a development application for this property on file at this time.


The Mulock property is designated Parks and Open Space in the Secondary Plan, with the treed area along the northeast part of the property designated Natural Heritage System.


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