Newmarket receives $90,000 to implement Community Energy Plan

Newmarket has been awarded a $90,000 grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program) to implement the Town's Community Energy Plan. The grant will cover the majority of the cost of undertaking a feasibility study for the Newmarket Energy Efficiency Retrofit (NEER) program. The NEER program is the first step towards achieving the target of 40% reduction of energy use and GHG emissions per capita by 2031.

 Newmarket Community Energy Plan was adopted on June 7, 2016.   The vision for Newmarket's CEP is: ``To create a sustainable community whose energy future is efficient, secure, reliable, and environmentally progressive. Our approach to managing energy will demonstrate leadership and be well beyond the ordinary. ``

Around the world, municipalities are taking the lead on climate change. Newmarket is no
exception. In fact, Newmarket has a strong reputation for environmental stewardship including
early adoption of a pesticides ban, an anti-idling bylaw, and an eco-homes development. This
Community Energy Plan is another step forward in Environmental Leadership on behalf of the
residents of Newmarket.