2019 Development Charges By-law

2019 Development Charges By-law

Town of Newmarket Council received the 2019 Development Charge Background Study and adopted the 2019 Development Charges (DC) By-laws.

Extensive public consultation with developers was done to gather feedback on the proposed calculated rates. Their feedback was taken into consideration and amendments were made to the rates.

The Development Charges Act, 1997 requires that municipalities pass a DC By-law every five years at a minimum to continue collecting DC revenues. As outlined in this report, all legislated requirements have been met.

Newmarket collects Development Charges to help fund the costs that incur to build growth-related infrastructure. The collection of these revenues is vital to construct new infrastructure in Newmarketto maintain services levels that residents and business have come to expect.

The DC By-laws are expected to recover $85 million over a ten-year period (2019-2028) based on growth forecasted in the 2019 Development Charge Background Study.

For more information view the agenda, report and accompanying documents related to the 2019 Development Charges By-law.

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