BE PROUD! We are Canadian


There are many things we all should love about Canada, and which give us tremendous pride in being able to say “We are Canadian.”

I’m proud to be Canadian because of our diversity.  Engaging with the tremendous diversity of this country requires a genuine respect for all human dignity and appreciation of Others.  Canada celebrates its multiculturalism and welcomes everyone with open arms.

I’m proud of our inclusivity and efforts to ensure all our welcome and feel included.

I’m proud of Terry Fox as he inspires us as someone who no matter what odds are stacked against you, you get up in the morning and do the very best you can do with what you've got. Also, I admire him for his selflessness even when he was fighting cancer.  TRUE CANADIAN HERO!

I’m proud of our wildlife and beautiful places to live and visit.  From the CN Tower to Riverwalk Commons Canada is truly a beautiful place to live and raise my family.

I’m proud of our Heritage and our strong efforts to preserve and protect it from our Main Street, our Clock Tower, our Quaker settlement roots and of the Mulock Family.

I’m proud of our winters and winter sports and activities.  From our Hockey Heroes Bob Forhan Connor McDavid, and Brian Elliot to our Olympic Champions Gabby Daleman, Rosie MacLennan, Elvis Stojko,  and James McNaughton.  We have so much to be proud of and enjoy our history lessons for years to come.

I’m proud of Newmarket’s, Glass Tiger, The Elwins, George St Kitts, Justin Hines and Canada’s, Alanis Morissette, Avril Lavigne, and Shania Twain!

I’m proud of our Newmarket humour found on the Big Screen from actors Jim Carrey and John Candy, along with Canada’s Ryan Reynolds, Donald Sutherland,  Dwayne Johnson, and Mike Myers!!

I’m proud of our Maple Trees, Maple Syrup, and let’s not leave out our famous foods poutine and beaver tails!!

I’m proud of our polite reputation!  You can never be too polite. 

Most of all I am proud of Newmarket’s engaged caring residents, our strong community, and incredible neighbourhoods.  I love Newmarket and I am proud to be Canadian!!