Newmarket Council Highlights June 18th 2018

Upper York Sewage Solutions – York Durham Sewage System Project update

Town of Newmarket Council received an update from The Regional Municipality of York on the Upper York Sewage Solutions (UYSS) project, the approved York Durham Sewer System (YDSS) Forcemain Twinning project and the proposed Project-specific Total Phosphorus Offsetting program.
The purpose of the UYSS project is to develop a sustainable sewage servicing solution to accommodate provincially approved growth in the Towns of East Gwillimbury, Newmarket and Aurora. Growth cannot continue to happen without the proper wastewater infrastructure in place. Currently, the approval of the UYSS Environmental Assessment is with The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.
Construction of the YDSS Forcemain Twinning is scheduled to begin in the Town of Newmarket in early 2019. This critical infrastructure project includes:

  • Installing and connecting two new sanitary sewer force mains to the existing York Durham Sewage System
  • Modifying the existing Newmarket and Bogart Creek Sewage Pumping Stations

Completion of the YDSS Forcemain Twinning project will benefit residents and the environment by increasing system redundancy and reliability during high-flow conditions and extreme weather events.
York Region will provide another update to Newmarket Council in 2019 when they have more construction details on the YDSS Forcemain Twinning project.

Mulock Station Area Secondary Plan update

Town of Newmarket Council received an update regarding the Mulock Station Area Secondary Plan. The update included information about density levels that will be analyzed through the Mulock Station Area Secondary Plan process. This information will assist Metrolinx in their business case review of the Mulock GO Station.
The completion of the Mulock Station Area Secondary Plan process will help determine the highest and best long-term land uses, street network and densities around the Mulock GO Station. The density analysis identified that a minimum of 150 people and jobs per hectare is supportable as a base density.
In addition, an update to the Mulock GO Station project was provided. The project is nearing completion of Phase 1 and will soon commence a public consultation program.

Licensing of Driving School Instructors


Town of Newmarket Council received an update regarding Licensing of Driving School Instructors. Information was gathered from stakeholders such as the driving school industry, residents, staff members, and members of Council at a Public Information Centre.

The Driving School Instructor By-law was approved at the Council Meeting on June 18 with a full implementation starting in September. The requirements of the By-law are: 

  • A Driving School Instructor License (only)
  • A one year license that will cost $125.00
  • Requirement to hold and provide proof of valid Ministry of Transportation Driving Instructor License
  • Upon approval, the instructor will receive a Town of Newmarket License Plate to affix to their vehicle