2018 Speed Limit Revisions Mulock Drive

On Thursday, April 5th the 2018 Speed Limit Revisions recommendations came to Regional Council.  This report seeks Council approval to implement recommended speed limit revisions detailed in Table 1. The revisions reflect changing land use, increased urbanization, promote speed limit consistency and improve traffic operations.

The recommended speed limit revisions are based on principles defined in the Council-adopted speed limit policy.

One of the recommendations brought forward in listening to Ward 6 residents was the inconsistent speed limited on Mulock Drive between Yonge Street and Bathurst.  This stretch of road oddly is 70 km/h where most of the area is 60 km/h.  Even with a Sir William Mulock Secondary School in very close proximity for the last 16 years, the speed limit remained at 70.  I am happy to report there is a change coming to Mulock Drive from Bathurst Street to Yonge Street, changing the current 70kn/h to 60 km/h in order to provide a consistent speed limited.  

traffic safety  2.jpg

Benefits of reduced operating speeds outweigh the marginal travel time increases resulting from recommended speed limit revisions in this report.  Citizens are notified of the new speed limits through signage.  When speed limits are changed on Regional roads, a NEW sign is placed above each speed limit sign at the beginning of the speed zone. The NEW signs remain in place for approximately 60-90 days.



By working together, sharing information, ideas and being engaged in our community, we can achieve results for Ward 6 together.