Town of Newmarket Inaugural Meeting of Council 2018

A message from Councillor Kelly Broome,

I love Newmarket and I am honoured to have the opportunity to be a part of this council.  I am so proud of my residents for all we have accomplished together.  Our accomplishments are a result of our engaged residents, our towns incredible staff, our generous volunteers and the support of my council colleagues. 

My favorite part of being an elected official, the part of this job that brings me joy, the best part of each and every day… is having the ability to inspire and bring or neighbourhoods together and shape our community.  

Over the past four years, together, we have achieved great results for Newmarket.  From enhanced road and community safety, to new parks and playgrounds, our very own community ice rink run by volunteers, and our first town run fitness facility to name only a few.

It is an exciting time with two large recreational projects now underway; the development of our first Ward 6 Splash Pad and Mulock Farm Estate.

Newmarket’s strong reputation is a result of our engaged residents and wonderful volunteers. It is a pleasure to be part of a community that comes together to help each other. 

I want to thank our Ward 6 residents and want you to know how proud and fortunate I feel to live and raise a family alongside caring people who share a common goal of building a safer and healthier community.  I also feel blessed to have the support of my family and friends who know all too well the time and effort needed to serve our community. 

Thank you all who attended and watch our ceremony from home. A special thank you to my Dad Paul, my Mom Dorothy, Tony and Linda, my children James, Katie, and Jack, my sisters Trish, Jill, Louise, Sue and my brother Adam, my Blight Family Paul, Liz and Shari, my NewRoads Family… Michael Croxon and thank you to my two dear friends Sharon and Maria.  All of this success is only possible when you are surrounded by strength, love and support.  Once again thank you

I am excited for the next term of council and I know our departing members are leaving BIG shoes to fill.  Thankfully they are leaving those shoes pointed in the right direction…

It is an honour being able to work for Ward 6 and contribute to a stronger, better Newmarket. I look forward to expanding on our vision for Ward 6 and beyond….

Thank you

Kelly Broome
Newmarket Councillor Ward 6