Ward 6 Residents of Oaktree Cres., Kalinda Road, Isaac Phillips Way & Yonge Street

In listening to residents I have asked the developer of Shining Hill Paul Bailey to provide communication to the residents who live near the Shining Hill Develpoment in Ward 6 South Summerhill. A letter will be delivered to the homes in the area. A copy of this letter is availble below in a digital format allow us to share the information with our neighbours.


At this time there is no date to begin construction.

more on shining hill

LINK May 2017 https://www.kellybroome.ca/blog/2017/5/4/next-steps-proposed-development-in-ward-6?rq=shining

LINK April 2017 https://www.kellybroome.ca/blog/2017/4/20/ward-6-residents-of-oaktree-cresent-kalinda-road-isaac-phillips-way?rq=shining

FULL LINK TO REPORT March 2018: http://www.newmarket.ca/LivingHere/Pages/Planning%20and%20development/Planning%20Applications/Current%20Applications/Shining-Hill.aspx

LINK to developers website: https://countrywidehomes.ca/community/shining-hill/

By working together, sharing information, ideas and being engaged in our community we can achieve results for Ward 6 together.