IT'S READY!!! The Ward 6 Community Ice Rink is Complete

The Ward 6 Community Ice Rink is complete and open once again for our community to enjoy thanks to some very dedicated volunteers.  The rink is located on the Whipper Billy Watson Baseball Diamond near the Bathurst Street and Clearmeadow Boulevard intersection.



Whipper features 30 parking spaces, lighting until 10 p.m., one temporary outdoor bathroom, shovels, brooms, hockey nets and benches.  Please shovel the ice before and after you skate, keep the area clean so we may all enjoy the rink for many years to come.



This is the 4th successful year working in partnership with our community, council colleges, and town staff.  This is one of three volunteer outdoor community ice rinks approved by Newmarket council back in January 2015.   The other two rinks are Ken Sturgeon on Lockwood Circle, just south of Stonehaven Avenue, and Lions at 424 D’Arcy St.  

The process required to approve a location for a volunteer community ice rink is to contact a member of council.   Click here to locate a member of council and for maps to help determine which Ward you live in.




A very BIG THANK YOU to our volunteer ice team Paul Blight, Jason Bright, Sean Gallan, Luke Gallan, Jack Plumley and Michael Pismarov for their efforts in getting the rink ready for our community to enjoy.   


Once again please respect the park, keep it clean and be safe!

By working together, sharing information, ideas and being engaged in our community we can achieve results for Ward 6 together.