ARC, DOCK, METER, HOOP, SWERVE AND HITCH….  What do all these names have in common

They are names of different bike racks that can be found in many towns around the world! 


Bicycle parking should be located in an easily accessible area that is well-lit, secure, and preferably sheltered. It should be placed as close to the building entrance(s) as possible, or at least as close as the nearest car parking. When done well, bike parking can enhance a space, make people with bikes feel welcomed, and even encourage more people to ride. 


A bike should be able to rest firmly against a bike rack – two points of contact is ideal. The frame and front wheel, which can swivel, need to rest fully supported against the rack and be able to lock to the bike rack with a U-style or similarly secure lock. This provides security and stability – the essentials of good bike parking.


There’s a new east-west bikeway coming to Newmarket.  The province is providing $325,000 in funding toward the construction of a new 5.28-kilometre bike lane between Eagle Street West and Leslie Street. 

The money, announced by Newmarket-Aurora MPP Chris Ballard is part of the province’s two-year, $10-million Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure program.

The town of Newmarket is in the process of getting more bike racks added around town.  Old Town Hall will be seeing some in the near future with an element of artistic appeal.  I have asked Smart Commute Central York to partner with the Town of Newmarket to better identify bike parking. 


At my recent Smart Commute Central York meeting bike racks were top of mind.  The Town of Newmarket needs to incorporate more bike racks, communicate where they are located and encourage business owners to be bike friendly as-well. 

Cycle Newmarket has done a wonderful job highlighting local Newmarket Business and areas in the community who have bike racks.  See their MAP Here… 

Bike Pittsburgh for example has done wonders with the bike community through Advocacy, Education, and Community Engagement.  This is a video by BikePGH that shows some very cool inexpensive ideas that really set them apart as a truly great bike friendly community.  They even have their own coffee shop called “over the bar café”. 

Enjoy the video, send me your ideas, and together we can be a better biking community.