Terry Fox Public School Fun Fair


            This will be my third year participating in the Terry Fox Public School Fun Fair.   On behalf of Terry Fox Public School Parent Council, I would like to share with you the incredible success of their fun fairs. 

            In February 2014, Jessica, a parent council member, asked for my help putting together their first ever Terry Fox School Fun Fair.  Their goal was to raise funds to purchase new outdoor sports equipment and materials for their new Full Day Kindergarten program.  As a member of the Clearmeadow PS Parent Council, I was more then happy to help a neighbouring school.

            The community really came together to support this cause, with over 700 in attendance. The group consisted of 75 volunteers, numerous parents, students, local businesses, teachers, community leaders and an incredible Fun Fair committee.  All working together for a good cause.  The fair raised over $6900.00!   The Terry Fox School Fun Fair would like to be an annual event and needs our support to achieve that goal.  

Year to date this wonderful community event has raised $10,000 towards supporting the funding for outdoor activity equipment!  

            Please contact me if your school or neighbourhood has a fund-raising idea or initiative within the community that can help improve the lives of the children, youth, families  and our environment in Newmarket.

Join me Thursday June 1st 5 to 8pm for the Terry Fox PS Fun Fair. Proceeds to support the funding for outdoor activity equipment! 

           A stronger and better Newmarket is possible when residents work together ultimately helping to build a future we can all be proud of.   

This is a group voluneer Photo from the First Terry Fox PS Fun Fair that took place June 2014.