Date:  Friday February 24, 2017

Time:  11:50 a.m.


The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority advises that the Watershed Conditions Statement issued February 21, 2017 has been upgraded to a Flood Watch.  The Weather Office is forecasting continuing warmer temperatures and rainfall amounts in the range of 25-35mm for Friday into Saturday.


Continued snowmelt, saturated ground conditions and runoff due to warmer temperatures in combination with the forecasted rain is expected to cause flooding in low lying and flood prone areas.  Widespread flooding is not anticipated at the present time.


Watercourses will be flowing higher than normal causing local streams and rivers to become dangerous, especially in the vicinity of culverts and bridges. Children should be warned to stay away from all watercourses


This Flood Watch will be in effect through Monday February 27, 2017.


For further information, please contact the following person at (905) 895-1281:


Philip Thase, P.Eng

Duty Officer


 Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

120 Bayview Parkway, Newmarket, Ont., L3Y 3W3

Telephone: (905) 895-1281 

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