Newmarket Council Meeting Highlights on October 2, 2017

Here's what happened at the Council Meeting on Monday October 2, 2017

Newmarket Committee of the Whole - September 25, 2017


Newmarket Parkland Dedication By-law
Council has approved thirteen changes to the Town’s Parkland Dedication By-law. On September 12, 2016, Council approved the Town’s first Parkland Dedication By-law and after a full year, through numerous development proposals, staff are now proposing a larger number of more significant changes, making the by-law more user-friendly.

Proposed Natural Heritage System for the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe
Newmarket Council received information and approved recommendations regarding the recently released “Summary of Criteria and Methods on the Proposed Natural Heritage System for the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.” This policy commits the Province to mapping Natural Heritage Systems for the Greater Golden Horseshoe to support a comprehensive, integrated and long-term approach to planning for the protection of the region’s natural heritage and biodiversity.

Notice Policy and Community Engagement Policy
Newmarket Council approved revisions to the existing Notice Policy as well as approved a new Community Engagement Policy. One of Council’s Strategic Priorities for the 2014 to 2018 term is Community Engagement, which includes the adoption of policies related to community engagement. Revisions to the existing Notice Policy include: use of plain language and updated formatting and additions to legislative references. The Community Engagement Policy bridges gaps between the minimum notice requirements in the Notice Policy and Council’s goal for community engagement. This policy addresses principles of the Town’s commitment to notify stakeholders on engagement opportunities through various communications tools and tactics and acts as a guide to inform, consult, involve, collaborate and empower stakeholders.

Town-wide Traffic Mitigation Strategy 2017
Council received an update about Newmarket’s traffic mitigation strategy that was originally adopted back in June of 2014. Since the strategy was adopted, it had developed over a number of years with input from direct and indirect stakeholders including residents and Town Council. Engineering Services is now in the process of addressing the public consultation component to be open to all residents of the Town and that a specific focus group be assembled to discuss the contents of this strategy, provide input on a Town-wide level and the final strategy be brought back to Council considering the public consultation process. Engineering Services staff will report on timing of the strategy at the October 16 Committee of the Whole.

Minutes for the Town of Newmarket Council Meetings, outlining Council decisions, is available under Agendas, Minutes and Meetings on the Town of Newmarket website. For more information or to view the reports,


Save the date! Mark these events in your calendar:

Newmarket Remembers World War I - The Path of Remembrance
Now until November 18: 
The First World War is considered to be one of the most defining events of modern history and touched the lives of every Canadian, young or old, man or woman, at home or abroad, including those in the Town of Newmarket. Despite being a small town under 3,000 people, Newmarket's mighty response to the war was one of fierce patriotism and generosity. Travel Newmarket's Path of Remembrance to understand the enormity of the War and to look back 100 years in our history; a very meaningful lead up to November 11; Remembrance Day 2017. Visit for a list of more detailed information on the series of memorial events planned for Remembrance Day 2017 .

Ghost of Old Town Hall:
Wednesday, October 11, 18 and 25: Join us as we tour Downtown and unleash the stories of Newmarket’s past. Guests will be taken on a guided walking tour of Main Street and the Old Town Hall, where they will learn about the many suspicious events and anecdotes that have haunted the area since the 1880’s. Throughout the evening, guests will also have the opportunity to learn about paranormal activity and by evenings end, experience a paranormal investigation hosted by The Georgina Paranormal Society. Meet at Newmarket’s Old Town Hall (460 Botsford Street) for one of two tour times: 7 to 8:30 p.m. or 7:30 to 9 p.m. Tickets are $20 per person. Please bring your ticket with you to the event. Attendees are reminded to wear comfortable clothing and dress for the weather as tours take place rain or shine. Be sure to arrive at Old Town Hall at least 5 minutes early and check-in with Newmarket staff. Stories are not to be filmed or recorded however; there will be opportunities for photos. The tour will take approximately 30 minutes followed by the paranormal investigation and treats. This event is sponsored by snapd Newmarket and The Georgina Paranormal Society.

Princess and Superhero Party
Saturday, October 21: Come dressed as your favourite princess or superhero for the day and join in on the fun at the Magna Centre (800 Mulock Drive) from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Enjoy games, crafts, inflatable activities, stage shows and more. The event is $5 per child, parents and guardians are free. This event is sponsored by Hans Ohrstrom Real Estate Team and Glama Gal Tween Spa.
The Town of Newmarket also offers many other events, activities and programs throughout the fall. View our Fall/Winter Activity Guide online for more information. For up-to-date weather and cancellation details of Town-run outdoor events, please call 1-877-PLAY936 (1-877-752-9936) on the date of the event no more than two hours prior to the start time. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all events. Please contact the Town at 905-895-5193 or visit for more information.


Living with Wildlife - Coyotes
The Town of Newmarket has recently released a coyote reporting feature where residents and visitors are able to report a coyote sighting. Be sure to report a sighting at to assist the Town in tracking their movement and monitoring their behaviour. Your feedback is important in keeping the community aware and will better assist us in learning how to coexist with coyotes. You may also call the Town at 905-895-5193 to report a sighting. Please be able to provide the date, time and location of the sighting, number of coyotes spotted, if a pet was involved, coyote behaviour and any other relevant information that will assist the Town.

To prevent encounters and ensure that you, your family and pets remain safe, please keep the following tips in mind:

  • Store all garbage in tightly sealed containers; this will deter coyotes as well as other animals and rodents from becoming a problem
  • Use motion sensitive lights in yards or gardens to make your property less attractive to coyotes and other nocturnal wildlife
  • Remember to never leave children unattended
  • Educate your children to not approach or harass any wild animals or unfamiliar domestic pets
  • Never let your pet run at large, keep your pet on a leash when walking and confined to a fenced yard on your property
  • Do not feed coyotes or leave any type of food outdoors for any animal, even your pets

To learn more about coyotes, including how to deal with coyote problems, call the Ministry of Natural Resources office at 905-713-7400 or visit for more information. If the coyote poses an immediate threat or danger to public safety, please call 9-1-1.

End-of-season Parking Restrictions
According to the Town of Newmarket's Zoning By-law, the following regulations apply to the parking of recreational vehicles and trailers on lots within any residential zone:

  • Recreation vehicles or trailers must be stored internally and wholly contained within a dwelling unit, private garage or carport.
  • Only one recreational vehicle or trailer may be parked on an external lot. No more than one trailer, or one boat and associate trailer or one recreational vehicle not on a trailer less than seven metres long may be parked or stored on a lot in any residential zone for more than 72-hours in any one calendar month.
  • The parking or storage of any motor vehicle, trailer or recreational vehicle that does not have a valid license plate, is not permitted in any zone unless wholly located within a garage.

The Town of Newmarket's Property Standards By-law requires property (yard) to be kept clean and free from the following:

  • Wrecked, dismantled, inoperative, discarded or "unused" vehicles, boats or trailers except in an establishment licensed or authorized to conduct and operate a business involving their storage and then only in an arrangement such as to prevent an unsafe condition or an unsightly condition out of character with the surrounding environment
  • Dismantled, inoperative vehicles, boats or trailers or vehicles, boats or trailers which are being privately renovated, repaired or restored by their owner will be permitted where such vehicles or trailers are stored within a fully enclosed building and provided they do not create an unsightly condition out of character with the surrounding environment

For more information, please contact the Town at 905-895-5193 or visit

Get Involved in Updates to Newmarket's Property Standards and Introduction to Clean Yards Bylaw
As part of its ongoing public engagement efforts, the Town of Newmarket is inviting residents to ‘get involved’  by attending a Public Information Centre (PIC) on October 11 from 6 to 8 p.m. in Council Chambers (395 Mulock Drive). 

This PIC is an opportunity for residents to learn about updates to Newmarket’s Property Standards Bylaw and the introduction of the Clean Yards Bylaw. The purpose of the PIC is to update the Property Standards Bylaw to prescribe minimum standards for the maintenance of heritage attributes of properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, vacant properties and enforcement penalties. The Clean Yards Bylaw is being introduced to deal with maintenance issues that require immediate action due to health and safety concerns (standing water, debris, composting, boulevard maintenance, long grass, unlicensed vehicles, firewood and general yard maintenance). All changes to the bylaw are subject to Council’s approval. Comments relating to the draft bylaw can be sent to Lesley Long at or a written copy can be delivered to the Legislative Services department until October 16, 2017.
If you be unable to attend and/or have questions regarding this meeting or project, please contact the Town of Newmarket’s Bylaws Department at 905-895-5193.