Newmarket Ward 6 Volunteer Community Ice Rink

I am proud to announce the opening of our Ward 6 Volunteer Community Ice Rink.  This will be our third successful year and look forward to many more.  I would like to thank the volunteers and the community for coming forward to help support this opportunity and all are encouraged to volunteer and take excellent care of the space so we may continue to enjoy skating at Whipper Billy Watson Park for many years to come.  

Once again this year nets, shovels, seating, and washroom facility have been generously donated by our community. Kindly help maintain the ice by shoveling the snow off the ice before you leave.  

The Ice Rink is open daily with lights till 9:30pm.  The rink is closed nightly at 9:30pm for flooding and maintenance.

The Volunteer Community Ice Rink officially opened on Thursday January 5th 2016.     

For regular updates and volunteer opportunities follow

Ward 6 Volunteer Community Ice Rink History...

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Kelly Broome