Fire Ants invading Bartholomew Drive

A message from Jeff Bond, Acting Manager/Supervisor, Parks, Public Works Services regarding the Fire Ants invading Bartholomew drive.

"After walking with two different companies and talking to residents in the effect area on Bartholomew Drive and the Storm Water MGMT pond , there are fire ants located behind approximately 5-8 houses, we can see how and why the residents are concerned with the fire ant.  Concerns that they cannot use their backyards for anything, some of the ants are making it all the way to the front of the house.  At different times of the day, the ground seems like it's moving and when bitten it really stings.  We have easily seen thousands of them on town property."

Staff are in contact with professionals and are hearing that this may be a hybrid fire ant that can be deterred.  A permanent solution might not be available so staff are trying to find a barrier to that could be sprayed at the backyards to help deter them from entering the property.  I have asked staff to work with our Neighbouring municipalities Richmond Hill and Markham to see what they have done to combat the issue.

Based on the information provided by residents I have requested a scheduled repeated treatment of the area in order to successfully eliminate the ants.  It is our responsibility to provide a strong, safe and healthy community and I will provide you will an update as soon as it is received.    

The town of Richmond Hill released this fact sheet.

AlertKelly Broome