Newmarket installs Bike Repair Station at Riverwalk Commons

NEWMARKET, Ontario, September 9, 2019 – Newmarket residents can now enjoy the newly installed bike repair station located at Newmarket’s Riverwalk Commons (200 Doug Duncan Drive - corner of Doug Duncan Drive and Timothy Street).


The bike repair station includes:

• A bicycle pump with fittings for common bicycle tire valve types

• A stand to elevate and stabilize the bicycle

• A selection of common bicycle tools (Phillips and standard screwdrivers, steel core tire levers, headset/pedal wrench, 8/10 and 9/11mm cone wrenches, Torx T-25, and Hex key set)

• Instructional signage covering basic use of the stands and station

A bike repair station was part of a recommendation from the Active Transportation Implementation Plan and emerged through public consultation at a Public Information Centre and an online questionnaire.

“This bike repair station is integral to the Town’s commitment to implementing cycling infrastructure that will increase connectivity to other major regional routes.” says Mayor John Taylor. “As part of Council’s Strategic Priorities, Safe Transportation (Streets), we will continue to carry out the recommendations noted in the Active Implementation Transportation Plan to create a strong foundation for a vibrant, urban and multi-modal future for cycling.”

Bike repair stations will give cyclists the confidence that they can reliably complete their cycling trip even if they experience a tire puncture or other mechanical issues.

“It is very exciting to have the first bike repair station in Newmarket installed in Ward 5.” says Ward 5 Councillor, Bob Kwapis. “Downtown Newmarket is the ideal location for this bike repair station as it is central to our trail system and bike lanes. This bike station will encourage more people to commute using more viable modes of transportation that will have less of an impact on our environment.”

One more bike station will be installed over the next month. The location has not yet been determined and will be communicated once installation is complete.

“There are some residents I would like to recognize for helping this idea to be a part of the Town of Newmarket Active Transportation Implementation Plan. Thank You Lea Drosos-Calicchia and your boys for all your photos and links. I hope you have a chance to visit the Newmarket’s Riverwalk Commons (Corner of Doug Duncan Drive and Timothy Street for a tune-up. “ Kelly Broome

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For more information, please view the Town of Newmarket’s Active Transportation Implementation Plan or call 905-895-5193.

By working together, sharing information, ideas and being engaged in our community we can achieve great things for Newmarket.

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